Research Here we can discuss both independent research projects and research for other projects. Ideas The ideas category is for discussing new ideas for the Liberate Science community. Whether these ideas are subsequently taken up, depends on the discussions and interest Contributions Here are concrete things to discuss and contribute to. These are open calls for people to contribute, and might include bounties for those who do it
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About the Projects category 1 July 21, 2019
Potential for WikiData in creating and consuming content? 🖨 11 November 13, 2019
`pkgdown` implementation for `datr` 3 October 21, 2019
`pkgdown` implementation for `retractcheck` 3 October 21, 2019
Network evaluation of knowledge commons 5 September 19, 2019
Pushing for more open citations 2 August 23, 2019
Module specification feedback? 1 August 2, 2019
Virtual world community gatherings 1 July 20, 2019
Tl;dr 📚 The decentralized knowledge commons 5 September 9, 2019