Conference in Tilburg April 2020?

I am considering organizing a conference in Tilburg prior to my PhD defense. If it would go through it would either be on the 15th or 16th of April 2020. I got a pretty reasonable response to the idea on Twitter.

I’m exploring the option a bit more first, but wanted to already open up a topic here for people to discuss if they feel like it :slight_smile: I’ll update this post with a bit more information at the start of next week (checking out a venue on Friday).

Ideas for Tilburg 2020:

  1. It could be fun to have some part of this conference follow a working conference format like the one at SIPS. There could also be regular presentations (group/individual) or even panel discussions.

  2. Another thing could be to keep it broader for several disciplines to be included. Invite as many as possible, and hear from them about their open science experiences or ideas. What would open science in astronomy or archaeology look like? I don’t know, I’d be curious.
    Same goes for methods: I’d love to know if people are incorporating open science in qualitative work or trying to incorporate open science practices within their use of proprietary software like SPSS/Stata/even Excel omg…

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I think it’s anyway good practice to connect a PhD defense to a conference on the same topic to give more exposure to the insights from your PhD, and if possible to make more use of the visit of whoever is going to be on your committee. Question is if organization-wise you’d also be fine with the hassle, because it usually means you also have to organize it yourself.

Personally, I’d be interested, but also depends on the exact focus, who’ll come, contents etc.

@nehamoopen, @eszther, and I went to view the LocHal venue in Tilburg yesterday. It’s a superb venue, with lots of open spaces, located in the library, and with sufficient surrounding space for out-of-conference meetings between attendees. It has an industrial atmosphere and seems accessible and kid-friendly (they have a gaming corner for example with consoles). There’s the option to rent break-out rooms as well.

I’m talking to Daan Rutten, the Open Science Coordinator from Tilburg University, about sponsorship, and will post when developments occur. I am inclined to move ahead and pin it on the 15th of April due to availability. I’ll sleep a few nights on it though :slight_smile:

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Excellent location and clever option regarding sponsorship! My mom has her birthday that day but I’ll ask her not to celebrate it then :wink:

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Okay great, there is now an option for 15.04.2020. If you want to join, please block it in your calendar already :slight_smile: Feel free to ask other people to do the same, more info will follow.