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Fifty shades of solidarity and self organization

It seems to me that I can find much more interesting results on the Internet when I am searching for “Kollektiv” rather than “Genossenschaft”. I suspect that worker cooperatives are way more established and this means two things:

  • We can learn a lot from them because there is so much history.
  • If we are thinking about new ways of cooperation and working, we have to keep in mind that this concept was born out of different economic, social, political, and — last but definitely not least — technological circumstances.

To get some inspiration, here are some articles I found:

There is also the concept Selbstverwaltung which is super closely related to Kollektiv.

21st century stuff

Technology (and transparency?) on the rise: Open Collective and recently

Lost in translation

I have to point out two things:

  • I have close to zero knowledge about this topic — so excuse my potentially quite obvious ignorance :smile:
  • Yes, we cannot translate “cooperative” directly to Genossenschaft, cooperativa, szövetkezet, szövetkezet, coöperatie, (…) and the same goes for “collectives”. But this has also big potential: Every culture has its own history and understanding of the matter. :blush:


Let’s collect websites, books, and other resources to gain a better understanding of the topic. I have the feeling that this is extremely rewarding.

Yea there are many definitions indeed. Even if you stick to one, there are various types of cooperatives (e.g., consumer cooperatives, worker cooperatives).

I think it’s a good idea to discuss the differences, which can inform the statute drafting. The terminology does not need to fit exactly, the statutes should explicate what is being understood. It might become a bit conflated if we go into specific implementations too much, but let’s see how it goes.

Could you please add translations for the German only bits? That helps non-German speakers participate.

One resource I found interesting was this set of slides on tech coops.

Thank you for your feedback, @chjh. :sun_with_face:

I agree that a pure discussion about definitions (tragedy of semantics) is not helpful. :blush:

These concepts, definitions, and ideas should rather be used as inspiration, and they might just help to make the vision more concrete. :slight_smile:

I would do this in a way, that I call in PL-theory lingo lazy evaluation:
Just send me a text that does not make sense, when thrown into Google translate, Deepl, etc., and I can translate it for everyone. :slight_smile: