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I meet a lot of people who are into FOSS and/or net politics but do not know anything or just a tiny bit about the open/liberated science movement.

Therefore, I think, it might be useful to be more present in online/offline media.

In the following are two low hanging fruits, and please feel free to add blogs/media outlets/etc. to this super short list:

  • opensource.com
    They had this β€œOpen Science Series” back in the days (2015!) β€” so they seem to be open to the general idea. Disclaimer: This site seems to be backed by Red Hat which is nowadays owned by IBM (here a link to their hit Ever onward)
  • netzpolitik.org
    German blog on net politics. They are a super comprehensive when it comes to net politics in Germany, EU and the world. Here are some their articles touching the subject of open science. As far as I know, they are pretty open to guest authors and also English articles
  • WIP

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Jonas :dove:

Welcome Jonas :wave:

We can definitely make a list for buzz :honeybee: It might be a bit early right now given there’s no way to use the infrastructure yet, but we can also utilize this as educational means. For example, distributed and decentralized databases are not something people often hear, given our centralized systems. It sounds like a communication strategy thing, which @Protohedgehog might be able to help out with (given his experience working on these kinds of things).

Thank you for your reply, @chjh. :blush:

I also think that it is just super important to spread the idea, consideration, and philosophy behind this kind of infrastructures for science. This way, we find allies β€” these might be researchers using the first prototypes and giving valuable feedback, but also programmers who might support the technological development (plus all the other important people, I forgot to mention).

Hi folks, and welcome @jobe! Yes, opensource.com is a good way to hit a big audience, we did this for the OS MOOC earlier this year: https://opensource.com/article/19/2/open-science-git
I can give the contact of the editor there if needed.
But yes, if a comms strategy is something of interest developing, I have a bit of experience. eg https://github.com/OpenScienceMOOC/Main/blob/master/communication_strategy.md Can be very useful in helping to amplify your reach/message. Would be happy to help develop one here when the time is right!

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