Funding applications

The Liberate Science project is something that currently is only happening on a volunteer contribution basis. It would be nice if people involved could get paid and to speed up the project.

To that end, I have been submitting funding applications, which I continually post on GitHub. If you see any opportunities for funding that you’d like to share, please feel free to post them here for discussion.

I’ll also keep a running overview of the applications pending.

Where Status Application
Prototype Fund Rejected (2019/06/04) Link
Shuttleworth Foundation Funded :confetti_ball: Link
Spark SNF Rejected (2019/11/18) Preprint
swissuniversities Call announced -

Just heard from the Prototype fund that the application wasn’t going to the next round.

Too bad, but only consequence is that (until now) the timescale isn’t changing so things will keep moving glacially right now. :shushing_face:

Okay new proposal time!

@Hans, @smakent, @mvanzelst and I are preparing to submit a proposal to Spark (Swiss National Foundatoin) for max 100,000CHF funding. We are open to having other people join, and explicitly encourage people from traditionally underrepresented groups to contact us :rainbow_flag: (shoot me an e-mail in private if you prefer)

This will include:

  1. Building a minimum viable prototype of the infrastructure (a further development of that presented here)
  2. Initiate a collaborative research process on the research question “Does power corrupt?”
  3. A community event in Berlin around collaborating on the infrastructure.

Feel free to leave comments on our draft application.

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The Spark proposal was just submitted together with @Hans @smakent, @mvanzelst and @eszther

You can find the preprint with the proposal on MetaArxiv.

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So, there is apparently yet another funding opportunity in Switzerland which supposedly will open its gates for proposal in autumn 2020: The project by swissuniversities is named “OPEN Science: FAIR Services for Scientific Information” – allegedly, they have a rather strong cash pipeline (45 Mio. CHF) to fund open science projects and we should keep an eye on that:

Thanks @smakent! I added it to the table in the original post.

I keep seeing NLNet pop up in my extended network, which might be a worthwhile opportunity as well :slight_smile:

Description (from website)

When it comes to important ideas that can help improve our society, there really are no boundaries. The challenge is to turn those opportunities into reality . Great ideas just come, but they are gone in a breeze as well. Lets make good use of them.

Since 1997 NLnet foundation (after its historical contribution to the early internet in Europe) has been financially supporting organizations and people that contribute to an open information society. It funds those with ideas to fix the internet. The procedure is fast , competitive and open to anyone .

NLnet has contributed funding to many important and very visible projects around fundamental standards from securing the core routing protocols and the domain name system of the internet to safer email , vendor-independent videoconferencing , more reliable wireless networks and private instant messaging - all based on open standards and verifiable open source software and/or hardware. It spawned the world-renowned NLnet Labs, and supported great open source projects like Jitsi, ARPA2, WireGuard, NoScript, Tor Hidden Services, GPLv3, GNUnet, and webODF. And many more ….

What is perhaps most amazing about this all is the size of NLnet. NLnet does not have huge budgets. The foundation’s current funding comes from donations, legacies, collaborative funding and subgranting mechanisms, after having been kickstarted by a substantial capital established by pioneers of the European internet. NLnet itself at the time was the very first Dutch Internet Service Provider, and transitioned into a recognised public benefit organisation in 1997. The articles of association for the NLnet foundation state: “to promote the exchange of electronic information and all that is related or beneficial to that purpose”.