Stencila - Quo vadis? ✏️

Hey there! :wave:

I just stumbled upon stencila ( again and the project seems to evolve steadily. I even found a GitHub repository that is part of the project and uses Nix ( :heart_eyes:

Does anyone of you have experience with the project? I did not yet have the time to have a closer look at the tools – the aim of the project seems noble though. :blush:

Jonas :dove:

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Ah yes stencila is very much on my radar! I know the founder and I’ve been chatting them over the years; they are part of the Substance consortium that also produces another editor called Texture. They are doing very important work on easy to produce JATS/XML text.

I did not know about this kind of package manager, which looks ridiculously cool and powerful! :heart: Thanks for pointing that out. Being able to just provide a YAML and then build it is way better than Docker containers that become black boxes :woman_shrugging:

I don’t know what “Quo vadis” means? :waffle: