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Hi there! :wave:

I was giving a lightning talk at tuebix with the super generic title “Open up, science!”. Nevertheless, I got into discussions with at least a handful of people afterwards, so it was definitely worth it. :blush:

There will be the Freedom not Fear (FnF) conference from November 8 to 11 in Brussels. I have been there 2014 + 2015 and it was super inspiring, since there were so many people having a great overview regarding what’s happening in the EU (aka Brussels bubble) and their nation states. :eu:

I will probably go there this year again. Does anyone want to join? :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is a table were sessions can be submitted:

As Friedemann — one of the organizers — puts it:

· Please put your sessions and suggestions in the table! If you need a
lot of time for your sessions, take two slots.
· To edit the prepared cell content in multiple lines, click the multi
line input box icon next to the input field in the menu above the table.
· Please share the EtherCalc, but since its quite vulnerable to
unfriendly edits, I guess its not appropriate to post it imprudently.

FnF is more or less a bar camp, therefore the whole organization is super open.

In case no one else will be able to go there: Let’s co-organize a session remotely.

I have no deep knowledge of the status quo of Open Science, therefore some support would be great. We could:

  • Invite an activist who is based close to Brussels and would be interested in giving a talk
  • Create a session that is just an open discussion – I am sure that there will be plenty of people having at least some insight into this issue
  • In the past there were also people from the commission or the parliament giving talks or joined a panel – any ideas who to invite regarding Open Science?
  • They are surely a thousand more possibilities :smile:

Best regards sent from Berlin,
Jonas :dove:

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Cool! Hadn’t heard of FnF.

@Protohedgehog is very knowledgable on all the latest regarding Open Science, and there are also several other people who come to mind. I also heard on the grapevine that there are several people who want to do more in Brussels, so I think this might fit in nicely (looking at @Protohedgehog to relay this invitation? :slight_smile:). Given that there is a new parliament, most of my contacts have circulated out, so it would be a nice way to build new contacts.

We might also reach out to Science Europe who I have worked with before.

Just for clarification: The website says it takes place 8-11 November? :slight_smile:

Good catch! I edited my post accordingly. :blush: