Tl;dr 📚 The decentralized knowledge commons

A more complete description of the decentralized knowledge commons that is being built is contained in this conceptual paper and this technical paper.

The tl;dr is to reconstruct the scholarly communication process to communicate “as-you-go” and in smaller steps. As a result of this adjusting predictions after results are known and selective publication become more difficult.

The implementation is not set in stone, so feel free to post here if you have concerns or would like to discuss what’s presented in the papers.

Daniel Himmelstein just posted his review of the technical paper and from this there are certain key aspects that will definitely need to be worked through:

  • Gaming the “immutable” register
  • How to handle private keys (user side and security side)
  • What is contained in a module?

Contributions always appreciated in any form :raised_hands:

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Thanks @chjh for sharing my review. I made an account here and happy to answer any questions. I wasn’t aware of the conceptual paper, which also looks interesting.

Not sure if this is precisely the right place, but the ‘small steps’ point brings up something always underlying the transparent research stuff: managing the sheer quantity of information produced.

Perhaps we can extend the freeze-follow proposal with other addenda, e.g. %5 if I only want to be notified for every 5th update someone posts (or, perhaps better, have a system people can use to flag the magnitude of their updates).