Virtual world community gatherings

I’ve been playing around with Mozilla Hubs as virtual meeting spaces to plan accessible events.

The idea is to reduce travel time, increase value from sessions that aren’t face-to-face, reduce climate footprints, and create new ways of building community.

I had a session with @mvanzelst today to see how it works. It works instantly in the browser, without any installs. It also works exceptionally well on mobile, except when you want to do more than just walk around in the space. I am unsure how much bandwidth it uses, so that’s something worth inspecting. I also don’t know how it scales beyond 5-10 users, nor how dynamics and moderation would develop.

I kept a few notes that are available here and look forward to trying it out with some of my online meetings in the near future and getting a better feel for building valuable virtual spaces and seeing what the kinks are. The Exokit community has run small meetings in Mozilla Hubs repeatedly (~10 participants; e.g., here), so I’ve asked whether they have some additional pointers.

Happy to jump in a room with you as well if you want to try this out :slight_smile:

Here’s a few pictures :clap: